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Target Analyst is a provider of real-time Website analysis software and provides the next-generation of web tools you need stay on top of your marketplace. With online competitor's getting more sophisticated every day it is very important that you know your website vital statistics at the end of each day.

Target Analyst provides you with the best solution for marketers to get a complete picture of how well their Website is performing on a daily (hourly) basis to help you manage the effectiveness of your online marketing campaign. With Target Analyst's accurate, detailed & reliable reports you will be able to answer your questions about visitor behavior, site performance and converting keywords.
Target Analyst Answers These Questions:
  Am I targeting the right keywords?
  How well did my website perform today?
  How many leads did I get today?
  How many sales did I get today?
  How much money did I earn today?
  How many visitors came to my site today?
  How effective is my current marketing campaign?
  How effective are search engines VS pay-per-click engines?
Target Analyst -Web Tools :

Target Analyst is the only Web tracking software that comes with companion Website tools to help you with your Internet marketing campaign. Use these tools to maximize your Internet presence. Check back often as we are always adding new Web tools.

More Futures:
No software to install
Manage multiple sites
Track PPC campaigns
Website navigation analysis
View visitor behavior
Increase conversions
E-commerce analysis
Instant results
Identify your bounce rate
Includes 18 cool web tools
Why you should use Target Analyst:  
We are so confident that Target Analyst will help you save money on your marketing campaign that we will let you use it FREE! for 30 days!Click Here for Details
Target Analyst is easy to install and uses a small JavaScript that gathers information from all visitors on your site.
Every Web page with HTML code can be tracked with Target Analyst and it won't interfere with any other software.
Top web analysts that manage several multi-million dollar marketing campaigns built Target Analyst. Target Analyst is the next generation of Web Analytics. Comes with full Tech Support.
Benefits of Target Analyst:  
Know your visitor habits in real time.
Know which keywords are converting into traffic.
Know your website stats at the end of each day.
Sends you an email when an action is taken.
Easily Manage Your Marketing Campaign:  
Know the exact path your visitor's use to navigate your site.
Know visitor habits down to the very month, week, day or hour.
Know which page your visitor's enter your Website.
Know which page your visitor's use when leaving your Website.
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